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Energy Rebate Aftermath of a Bitter Cold South

DSMTracker helps utilties with rebate processing While many of us were at AESP in San Diego enjoying the balmy weather, our counterparts were bracing for Winter Storm Leon. And now, the South is getting hit with a catastrophic ice storm.  Unlike the north, the southeast was not prepared for the snow, or the ice that came with it. People living in a region that is not used to being so cold found themselves freezing and cranking up their thermostats.

The implications for utilities is an increase in demand.  Households in the south are not used to the cold Mother Nature has been dishing out.  Once consumers see their utility bill, they may start looking for ways to save money since their usage increased these past few weeks of bitter cold weather. In turn, they may look to their utility to see what rebates are offered to assist with upgrades they may be considering.

This turn of events bodes well for many utility programs, but comes with a negative consequence; rebate processing costs. Each rebate application that comes in has to be processed, which is costly for utilities due to the staff needed to review and manually enter the applications, whether processed by a third party or not. It’s a slow, tedious, and time consuming process that not only adds significant cost to the rebates process, but also delays payments to customers. Utilities need a solution that reduces cost, is easy to manage, and processes rebates seamlessly.

That solution is DSM Mobile Rebates, a low-cost, seamless, electronic energy efficiency rebates processing channel built on cloud technology. DSM Mobile Rebates eliminates paper rebates which saves utilities manpower, time, and money, while improving program cost-effectiveness. When DSM Mobile Rebates is implemented into energy efficiency programs, utilities receive not only the mobile app but also Green Team Energy Services’ powerful DSMTracker rebates processing module on the backend. This  rebates engine can also be enabled to work with all other rebate application channels, along with mobile rebates to drive cost out of the rebates process. As a result the utility saves money, while providing their customers with a way to save money too. Thus, the next time Mother Nature decides she wants to send a polar vortex to the South, they’ll be prepared.

Spring Cleaning with Mobile Rebates Processing

It’s coming around that time of year when many of us are starting to think about spring cleaning. It’s when households de-clutter and make some much needed upgrades.  Utilities need to take advantage of this time of year precisely for that reason. Some consumers are already starting to research potential upgrades. Utilities need to capture this market and give their customers a reason to upgrade to energy efficient products by offering rebates for specific measures.

While these incentives are a good thing for customers and help promote energy efficiency, they currently come at a high processing cost for utilities. This is due to the large staffing requirements needed to review and manually enter rebate applications in the rebate processing system for payment. This slow, tedious, and time consuming process adds significant cost to the rebates process and delays payments to customers.

dsm mobile rebates

It doesn’t have to be that way. Technology exists today that drives much of this cost out resulting in a lower cost, expedited rebates process, while also making it easier for your customers. That solution is DSM Mobile Rebates, an energy efficiency rebates processing channel built on cloud technology. DSM Mobile Rebates eliminates paper rebates saving you manpower, time, and money.

When DSM Mobile Rebates is inserted into energy efficiency programs, utilities receive not only the mobile app but also Green Team Energy Services’ powerful DSMTracker rebates processing module on the backend. This powerful rebates engine can also be enabled to work with all other rebate application channels, along with mobile rebates, to drive cost out of the rebates process. Not only do utilities get the convenient, proprietary mobile channel, but the rebates engine can be further leveraged to automate other rebate application channels to remove much of the manual labor that makes current rebate processing processes so costly. This automation happens by programming all pertinent business rules into the rebates engine. Therefore, the utility does not have to rely on a rebate processor to remember all the rules to determine if a rebate application is eligible, the software does that for them.

By providing customers with the convenient, low cost mobile rebate channel and the utility with powerful rebate automation for all rebate channels, more than 2/3 of current rebate processing costs can be driven out of their DSM programs. DSM Mobile Rebates and DSMTracker are set to revolutionize rebate processing and improve DSM program cost-effectiveness. Maybe utilities are ready to do some spring cleaning of their own!

Increasing 39% Energy Efficiency

All the crazy weather lately has had consumers and utilities a stir. Freezing temperatures due to the polar vortex left many without power and others worrying about their electricity bill. The polar vortex did not help utilities curb demand. These strange weather patterns, along with the fact that 2013 was 7th hottest year since the 19th century (when weather tracking began) has many utilities looking for better DSM solutions.

Opower reports that utilities allocate $8.3 billion to DSM initiatives. It’s a balancing act of ensuring your utility is profitable while remaining compliant with commission demands of reducing consumption. The US is only operating at 39% energy efficiency. DSM initiatives should ideally improve that number.

Utilities’ starting point should be data. You have systems that measure customer consumption and DSM programs that are designed to reduce that consumption, but do you have a single system that can consolidate that data in ways that make it easy to track, manage, analyze, and report? A good way for utilities to use  a portion of the $8.3 billion is to invest in a solution that manages consumption and DSM data.

DSM program capabilities

DSMTracker manages and tracks all your data in a way that makes it easy to extract for analysis and reports so you can better assess how customers are using, or saving, energy. DSMTracker also gives you the capability to implement energy efficiency and demand response programs with modules designed for delivery.

That same technology is mobile with DSM Mobile Rebates. Your customers can apply for energy rebates via their smartphone. Once their information is verified (within the platform), processing is automated; thus, driving significant cost out of the rebate process..

39% energy efficiency is not acceptable. One way utilities can contribute to the increase of that number, and be part of using the $8.3 billion in DSM initiatives, is to invest wisely in a platform that is essentially energy efficiency in a box for program managers.

Announcing DSM Mobile Rebates

Green Team Energy Services (GTES) is the leading technology firm to utilities for a reason! We develop technology to meet the demands of utilities and their consumers. We’re pleased to announce our latest innovation,  DSM Mobile Rebates. It’s a program designed for progressive utilities to take advantage of smartphone technology and leverage it for customer outreach and enrollment, while providing a low cost service program that allows utilities to reach their energy saving goals.

DSM Mobile Rebates

DSM Mobile Rebates is green technology at its finest. It eliminates paper applications and is a more cost effective solution to process energy efficiency rebates. Our mobile rebate program leverages the DSMTracker backend and the power of a smartphone app, enabling customers to apply for energy efficiency rebates right from their phone. DSMTracker automatically processes the entire application, all the way through payment. With processing being automatic, DSMTracker eliminates the need for rebate processors to manually enter/process rebates. This automated process results in measurable savings for the utility.

For utilities seeking data tracking and reporting solutions or software for energy efficiency and demand side management, DSMTracker is cost effective and proven platform available in the market place.

DSM Mobile Rebates also confirms customer eligibility in real time, calculates energy savings, and processes payments. Learn more by visiting or