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Utility Asset Management: Premise Works

Utilities do more than just provide necessities such as electricity, gas, and/or water. They also maintain an infrastructure to provide consumers with that necessity. Managing the assets that provide that infrastructure can be challenging. The problem is that, over time, utilities have used multiple systems to maintain those assets which has led to bad data and incomplete asset history. Properly managing individual field assets such as light poles, transformers, and meters can make all the difference. Knowing the precise location as well as complete history of a field asset is critical for dispatching crews to maintain and service those assets.

PremiseWorks provides a solution for comprehensive management and tracking of individual assets, including a work order engine for dispatching crews to those assets. It can help field maintenance crews locate assets by providing narrowly defined asset locations with geo coding, notes, and pictures, which minimizes time spent locating assets in the field, allowing for more to be maintained.  It gives utilities the ability to more efficiently keep a complete asset history database, while preventing duplications and redundancies, by providing work order disposition and status updates from mobile devices in real time; thus, eliminating the need for manual updates. Each asset is maintained individually with its own complete history.

Working smart means making smart choices. The smart choice for utilities is working on a cloud platform that eliminates redundancies, manages data from multiple data sets, manages assets, and schedules. To learn more or schedule a demo, call 877-409-7412 or email

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