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DSMTracker Utility Data Management

The utility industry is putting quite a bit of emphasis on data management. There is so much data coming from a variety of sources that managing it all is time consuming and expensive. And with many data management solutions, there is no mechanism built in to alleviate the anxiety of inaccurate and incomplete data. It is difficult to be confident that all of the data is accurate for analysis and reporting purposes.

DSMTracker, a demand side data management software tool, cleans up data from the multiple reporting sources, including third party program implementers, by filtering incoming reports through its proprietary exception handler.  The exception handler sits on top of DSMTracker and compares incoming data with defined program business rules, fixed data ranges, duplicates, etc. All incoming data must pass through this filter before being approved for storage and each data type can have its own set of rules for filtering. Any non-compliant data is sent to a queue for personal attention by the program manager.

Imagine the time that can be saved and the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that the stored data is accurate and up to date. DSMTracker makes running your energy program easy by automating data. You get easy to understand reports, with accurate data, in less time.  For more information or to schedule a demo call 877-409-7412.

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