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Utility Customer Management

One acronym that gets tossed around a lot at tradeshows is CRM. Customer Relationship Management is transcendent of any industry because ultimately the best way to communicate with customers is by fully understanding their needs. This is also true of the utility industry. Utilities need to understand their customers in order to provide better DSM programs, help save energy, and ultimately meet regulatory goals. The problem is integrating the CRM system with DSM program management. Using multiple systems can be confusing and complicated. Right now, the majority of utilities use several platforms to manage customers and vendors, process rebates, and track savings and demand.

DSMTracker changes that. Instead of using multiple platforms and software to manage programs, DSMTracker is an all-in-one solution that manages your entire portfolio. Most importantly, it manages customers’ information, including contact information, billing, energy usage, program participation, rebates, etc. Utilities using DSMTracker have a complete 360 degree view of their customers, giving them the ability to segment customers based on their energy usage and offer custom energy rebates. Utilities can engage customers right from DSMTracker and email rebate offers. DSMTracker is also a rebate processing engine. It’s an automated platform that eliminates staffing needs to input and process rebates. It even processes rebate payments.

What Green Team Energy Services really offers utilities is energy efficiency in a box. Utilities get a CRM system that processes rebates and manages DSM programs. This system saves money and improves the customer experience. It really is an all one system that can be customized to fit any utility’s needs.

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