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Increasing 39% Energy Efficiency

All the crazy weather lately has had consumers and utilities a stir. Freezing temperatures due to the polar vortex left many without power and others worrying about their electricity bill. The polar vortex did not help utilities curb demand. These strange weather patterns, along with the fact that 2013 was 7th hottest year since the 19th century (when weather tracking began) has many utilities looking for better DSM solutions.

Opower reports that utilities allocate $8.3 billion to DSM initiatives. It’s a balancing act of ensuring your utility is profitable while remaining compliant with commission demands of reducing consumption. The US is only operating at 39% energy efficiency. DSM initiatives should ideally improve that number.

Utilities’ starting point should be data. You have systems that measure customer consumption and DSM programs that are designed to reduce that consumption, but do you have a single system that can consolidate that data in ways that make it easy to track, manage, analyze, and report? A good way for utilities to use  a portion of the $8.3 billion is to invest in a solution that manages consumption and DSM data.

DSM program capabilities

DSMTracker manages and tracks all your data in a way that makes it easy to extract for analysis and reports so you can better assess how customers are using, or saving, energy. DSMTracker also gives you the capability to implement energy efficiency and demand response programs with modules designed for delivery.

That same technology is mobile with DSM Mobile Rebates. Your customers can apply for energy rebates via their smartphone. Once their information is verified (within the platform), processing is automated; thus, driving significant cost out of the rebate process..

39% energy efficiency is not acceptable. One way utilities can contribute to the increase of that number, and be part of using the $8.3 billion in DSM initiatives, is to invest wisely in a platform that is essentially energy efficiency in a box for program managers.

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