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Managing the Data Chaos

Managers of demand side management (DSM) have quite the task. They have to meet commission goals and improve energy efficiency, while ensuring each program  is cost-effective. In some cases fines are levied by the commission when programs are not meeting targets. Data is the lifeblood of DSM programs and bad data can jeopardize these programs.

The reality is, DSM program managers have to sift through a lot of data. Customer account information and energy consumption, measures libraries with deemed savings or impact algorithms, implementation contractor data, etc. All of this data needs to be managed in one place, but in many cases it is not. For many utilities, all of that data and information is scattered in different sources. When it does come time to report DSM program numbers, it takes time to piecemeal and compile a report.

There are software solutions out there that serve not only as a repository for all program data sources, but to consolidate, manage, and analyze the data as well, feeding them into one system, designed specifically to manage DSM program data. Our flagship software solution, DSMTracker, is the perfect example of a platform that manages large amounts of disparate data in one place. DSMTracker is accurate, consistent, and easy to interpret. Furthermore, on-demand reporting and analytics is helpful during Energy Measure Verification and Evaluations (EM&V). Using the built in analytics and reporting tools, any desired report is right at your fingertips.

Implementation contractor program data is received and managed in the same place DSM programs and portfolios are managed and tracked. Additionally, a robust solution allows for integrating with other internal IT platforms, such as MDM systems, to pull information as needed and improve analysis and reporting. This provides the capability to easily integrate multiple data sets when needed.

Since all of this information is in one place, program managers can accurately see how well the DSM programs are doing and make necessary changes to boost numbers and prevent those hefty fines. Energy rebates can be offered and applications processed, through payment, all within the same platform. The challenge of multiple data points disappears. Plus, all of that data isn’t just available on a laptop. Because DSMTracker is built on, program information can be accessed on a smartphone and tablet in real time.

Accurate, easy to manage data can make a huge difference for DSM program managers. It makes meeting energy savings goals easier and less costly. Knowing where each DSM program stands at all times, can help them make those adjustments early on, so the programs don’t end up falling short.

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